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Air pollution is understood by the abundance of particles and inorganic gas-compound in the air. Car emissions, industrial chemicals, dust, pollen and fungus spores are among the many examples. The negative effects of air pollution may cause a variety of complications to our health, for instance, asthma, acute cough and serve lung disorders. In addition, unusual gas concentrations contribute to the harmful consequences of global warning, acid rain, soil degradation and irreversible damage to the eco system just to name a few.

Mice Engineering therefore, sees significance in the monitoring of air quality data and emphasizes precision and quality to the apparatus used for this purpose. A design for air quality monitoring system, utilizing IoT and sophisticated sensors has been developed. Producing a system where users can actively monitor air quality through connected mobile devices and smartphones. We aim to produce and contribute in solving the world’s issue in air pollution, by integrating and inter-connecting technologies from different disciplines, so that sustainability may be achieved and continued through future generations.