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    Internet of Thing (IoT) connect your Information to the Cloud

Building management system (BMS) has begun its organic transformation towards a IoT system. A network of physical devices and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators and network connectivity, enhances the BMS to collect and exchange of data.
Traditional BMS settings for HVAC, lighting and other systems are determined based on human decision of the facility’s managing authority. This process could be modified and enhanced through IoT-based solutions that can automatically optimize settings based on environmental changes.
Contemporary office buildings in Hong Kong have their thermostats settings pre-programmed or static regardless of environmental changes, such as sunlight transparency and occupancy. The wasted energy from these inflexible systems increase utility and maintenances cost and could be avoided with adequate IoT solutions offered at Mice. IoT solutions are fully capable of inputting and gathering data using sensors to measure variables like occupancy rate, outside temperature, air quality, and external light sources to achieve an optimal building environment for occupants while also remaining cost-effective.