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Research findings on maintenance costs among chiller plants suggest that routine maintenance cost was found to be the costliest among all maintenance resources. Maintenance related to repairs accounts for slightly less, but also remains significant. The cost incurred for maintenance related to emergency was discovered to be minimal and condition analysis is seldom applied.
Our experience suggest that current end-users are seeking application that could transmit of chiller-plant data into the cloud via IoT. So that data analysis could be conducted to improve their operation efficiency, comprehensive maintenance and quality services. Solutions are often self-contained, due to vast quantities in deployment among different buildings. It is neither feasible for a vendor to negotiate with each building or to solely rely on using the building’s network (e.g., WiFi), nor is it practical to establish its own network infrastructure. Mice offers a dedicated channel from an ISP which may act as a thing-to-cloud communication (TCC) link for each of its IoT devices.