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    WinCC OA Functions

The main task of the scheduler is to allow you to create, parameterize and administrate a number of schedules of either time or event triggered actions.
By using the scheduler a set of specific actions can be triggered by defining simple or complex conditions. You can define actions like:

  • Setting the value of a data point element to a predefined value.
  • Showing a pop-up message.
  • Initiating an alert in the alert screen.
  • Setting values via recipes.
  • Executing a user-defined script.

The scheduler can be utilized in wide range of industries (e.g. building automation, facility management, wastewater treatment plants, …) and can be deployed to perform the following tasks:

  • Heat- and climate control
  • Light control
  • Alarming issues
  • Switching between different operational modes
  • Recipes (time controlled activation of recipes)
  • Changing responsibilities (on-call service teams)
  • Time-dependent maintenance
  • Reminder function for operational staff
  • Cyclic diagnostics/reports
  • Automatic checking sequences (weekly siren test etc.)
  • Time-dependent and/or value dependent change of set points