Residence Bel-Air Automated Refuse Collection System

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The Automated Refuse Collection System makes use of powerful suction fans to pull out the refuses from 14 towers to a cylinder. After being compacted, the refuses will be collected in a container. Finally, the refuses will be carried away by trucks. The entire process is performed automatically in this system. The staffs only need to put the refuses into pipe of each tower through a hopper door. It consists of a set of computer and 14 remote panels. The computer can monitor the system operation, to set parameters and to monitor faults.

The system is based on the premise of high efficiency and environmental protection, and applies a variety of waste treatment technologies. In order to meet Hong Kong’s environment policy, we need to monitor each process of to neutralize the poisonous material and air pollution. With internal control parameter and the daily report that generate can reflect the whole process’s efficient, which makes it more labor-saving and more efficient; the waste sorting and trans-shipment treatment achieves environmental protection purposes.