Modification Works for Bag Counters of Baggage Handling System at Hong Kong International Airport

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Serving almost 68.5 million passengers annually, HKIA requires a sophisticated system to account for the vast amount of baggage that enters its conveyor belts. However, its existing system does not bare such function and hardware change is unlikely. Mice therefore, provides a solution that is based on the use of existing photo sensors to identify an object’s length. If the scanned object exceeds or is equal to a predefined standard, it will effectively determine whether the baggage is appropriately sized for passage onto the conveyor belt.

The Baggage Handling System, including departure and arrival totals for 30 sets conveyor system and adopts the Siemens S5 & S7 H PLC. Upgrades to the PLC system therefore, must be conducted during the night where passenger traffic is at its lowest point.