MTR Hong Kong West Kowloon Station Building Services Control System

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    Chiller Plant, Lighting Control, Railway

Mice provides both hardware and software solutions which are adopted for the development of control logic MMI and GUI for PgMT, PLC, Remote I/O and Local Control Panel.  There are two major control systems, Building Services and Environment Control System, the software development comprises of low level, high level control logic, PID control and interlocking of Smoke Extraction Modes.

The ECS controller performs:

  • Smoke Extraction Modes
  • Staircase pressurization System Modes
  • VAC Shutdown modes
  • ECS equipment control and monitoring

The BS controller performs:

  • All Lighting Control cover whole station
  • Fire Service alarm notification
  • Fresh & Waste Water flow monitor
  • UPS room facilities
  • Platform facilities

Dual redundant Ring network implement on 37 pairs of hot standby redundant PLC with connection of more than 500 remote I/Os.  The total number of device under our software monitoring and control is over 46,000 nos.

The numbers of graphical interface we design are over 10,000 pages that prioritize critical and non-critical events and alarms reported for Station Computer Room.

Lighting intensity for day night mode, PID control on temperature inside the main hall and down to non-critical alarming was shown up on the main graphical interface for ease of notification.