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    WinCC OA Functions

  • The aim of this client is to display WinCC OA on desktop PC’s with the integrated browser. It supports Microsoft EDGE, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Desktop UI, this client provides a user interface, which runs in a web browser, with the same functionalities as a standard user interface. This enables a flexible remote access to the system, without installing SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture.It is installed like an app, the installation package is distributed via the WinCC OA webserver and runs as a stand-alone UI (not a plugin).  There is no need to install the UI from DVD or to install a browser plugin. All panels are cached locally via the WinCC OA webserver.
    The new Desktop UI startup interface allows the user to choose the project and server combination similar to the Mobile UI.  A common device management for Mobile and Desktop UIs is provided.The Desktop UI is available for Windows and Linux, and for browsers (EDGE, IE, Chrome, Firefox).

    The Desktop UI replaces the Web Client, which is no longer available.

  • WinCC OA Web server, from any standard web browser, you can access and also interactively edit data via the intranet and Internet. This helps solve system monitoring tasks with cutting-edge Internet technology and mobile communication for the user’s benefit.
    • The web server offers unrestricted access to all WinCC OA resources
    • Standard HTML pages, e.g. the alarm page, allow display and operation of the system via mobile devices.
    • Current status information from the system are available on the intranet and around the world via the Internet.
    • Encrypted communication via HTTPS.
    • Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, …) deployment.